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Rock & Roll To Feed Your Soul

For over 29 years, this pioneering Christian rock radio show was heard in North-Central & Central PA every weekend. Erik Lane started it on the first Sunday night in June, 1990 on WKBI-FM in St. Marys that lasted for just one hour. It was heard on WKBI until abruptly being cancelled by the station's owner in 2003. The show had expanded to 3 hours by this time & had gained popularity particularly from church youth groups who would tune in on Sunday nights during their fellowship time. The show had regular visits from little known to nationally known artists & musicians. It featured both the current Christian rock songs from national charts such as the Pure Rock Report, Progressive Airplay Journal, Billboard, & the Christian Music Weekly.


After a brief hiatus, the show re-emerged on the RevFM Radio Network, a new Christian non-commercial station in State College, PA where it was heard on Saturday nights for 2 hours, eventually being aired on the network's multiple frequencies. The program covered over 19 counties, including the area where the show first originated, in St. Marys, PA. Over the course of the program's duration, all genres of contemporary Christian music were played, ranging from classics to rhythmic, R&B, hard rock, thrash metal, grunge, gothic, & "white metal". For several years, Erik would travel to the iconic Cornerstone Festival in central Illinois to cover the artists appearing there in annual summer specials featuring exclusive interviews with up & coming bands. Many artists recognized Bread-n-Jam! as a preeminent factor in the world of Christian rock radio. The show was always done strictly on a volunteer basis & operated with no budget. It was always dependent on the local radio station for its survival. When RevFM moved to a new studio location, Bread-n-Jam! moved "in-house" & was produced in the home studio in Erik's basement "man cave". The show continued to use the equipment provided by the non-commercial radio station to produce & upload the show each week. But in July of 2019 the computer system sustained a critical hard drive failure resulting in the loss of almost 6 years of data. The show went into reruns for about a month until a replacement could be put into place. But that replacement was a even older system that was only able to produce one show before a sound card issued crippled it. So an attempt to seek underwriting support to purchase a new computer was begun on the air as the show went back to airing reruns. After weeks of appeals for funding went unheeded, the show ceased production in early October, 2019.

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